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Hungarian Seven Chieftains Tokany

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

HETVEZER TOKANY Source: The Hungarian Cookbook, 1972 Tokány is the ancestor of the pörkölt, it was made without paprika and onion for centuries. Tokány can be prepared from pork, beef, chicken and turkey, or even game meat,  and similar to stew it can also be cooked in a Hungarian kettle. The simplest version of this ragout is borsos tokány, which is seasoned wit

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h a lot of freshly ground black pepper and thickened with a sour cream-flour mixture. Goulash, paprika, pörkölt and tokány are the four pillars of Hungarian cooking but most people can't tell them apart. This article clearly explains the differences. Goulash is actually a thick soup. Porkolt is what we normally think of as stew. Tokany is the driest of the three, uses strips of meat instead of cubes and is seasoned with pepper or marjoram instead of paprika.

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