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Hungarian Chicken Paprika's with Dumplings

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Chicken paprikash (Hungarian: paprikás csirke or csirkepaprikás) or paprika chicken is a popular dish of Hungarian origin and one of the most famous variations on the paprikas preparations common to Hungarian tables. The name is derived from the ample use of paprika, a spice commonly used in Hungarian cuisine. The meat is typically simmered for an extended period in a sauce that begins with a paprika-infused roux.

1 Cut up and season both sides of chicken pieces with salt and pepper and let sit while you saute the onions.

2 Place the butter and chopped onion in a big pot. Cook over medium/high heat until translucent, lower the heat, and add the paprika, mix well. (Careful not to burn the paprika)

3 Put chicken parts in the pot and brown slightly with the onion and paprika mixture.

4 Add bay leaves, garlic, cayenne pepper and broth to almost cover the chicken.

5 Bring to a boil, cover and simmer for 25 -30 minutes.

6 When the chicken is done, remove the chicken pieces to a plate to cool,

7 Using a spoon, draw some of the chicken sauce into a small bowl and slowly mix the sour cream and 11/4 tbsp. flour.8 Stirring constantly incorporate the mixture into the broth (there should be no flour or sour cream chunks in the mixture).


9 Set a large pot of water on to boil for the dumplings. 10 Combine eggs, milk, water, flour, and salt and mix together to form dough.

11 When water is boiling scrape the dough into the water a spoonful at a time.

12 Occasionally dip the spoon onto the boiling water so the dough will not stick to the spoon.

13 Raise heat and boil dumplings for about 7 minutes. When they rise to the surface they are done.

14 Drain the water from the dumplings.

15 Serve up the dumplings and pour sauce over them. Serve with the whole chicken pieces. More..!

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